Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bilingual Candy & Gift Graphing Charts for Valentine's Day

Bilingual Candy and Gift Graphing Charts

After our Valentine's Day party on Friday, I have no doubt that we will be coming home with a load of candy and other Valentine's gifts. So I'm ready to turn that into a teachable moment with this new set of candy and gift graphing charts.
Bilingual Candy and Gift Graphing Charts

There are simply 4 decorative charts ranging in numbers for young mathematicians. They are great for students who are learning to count or are developing their number recognition. My kids are older, so I'll just be using them as a fun activity to help them practice their graphing skills. The first chart is for early learners with a range of 1 - 5, the next two have ranges of 1 - 10, and the final one (shown here) goes up to 20.

All of the charts are in English and Spanish.

If you'd like to use these with your kids or students. You can find them here.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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