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The following products are carefully selected by Mommy Maestra for their educational value. They are only available in limited quantities.

1st Grade California Ciencias
published by Scott Foresman
Mommy Maestra Special:
$15.00 SOLD

This is a used book, but is like new in perfect condition. The only marking I see is on the inside cover where the school name was marked out. This book introduces the scientific method and covers the following topics: Solids, liquids, and gases; Plants and animals and what they need to survive; Habitats; Weather; and Seasons.
Spanish only.

Océano books 
Mommy Maestra Special:
$15.00 SOLD OUT

I have been looking for the book Mundo Océano for a long time, since I sold the only copy I had. I was thrilled to find several at my favorite used & new book store on a recent trip to Texas. You can read a full review of this book here.
In addition, I found the book Escondidillas en la naturaleza Océanos and thought that together this books would make great resources for a study on ocean life.
New. Spanish only.

Proyectos de biología
Mommy Maestra Special:
$10.00 SOLD OUT

This lovely little book is filled with easy projects that allow your children to explore basic science concepts at home. Some require adult supervision, but most are easy enough for children to create on their own. Projects include growing plants from seeds stuck to the bottom of your shoes, how plants actively seek out sunlight and will grow toward it, animal observations, more. It is perfect for children in 3rd grade and higher.
New. Spanish only.

Barcelona cuéntanos de Gaudí
by Fina Rifá
Mommy Maestra Special:
$17.00 SOLD OUT

This awesome book is a comprehensive introduction to Spain's famous artist, Gaudí. The story line follows four children as they explore the Spanish Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí, and his famous work. I only have one copy of this book and it is beautiful. Review coming soon. New. Spanish only.

"Quien fue..." series
by Various authors
MM Special:
$7.99 each or all 6 for $45 (plus 3.99 shipping)
The fantastic Who Was...? biography series has now been translated into Spanish! We have new copies of each of the titles shown above. You can order one or all six books. Please list the title(s) you want to purchase in the comment box below. Perfect for children ages 6 and up.

¡Me gusta escribir!
by Raquel Benatar
illustrated by Ana Lopez
MM Special: $9.00 SOLD OUT

This book is a great resource for inspiring your child to write. Inside you'll find writing prompts and activities to encourage your child to write. Perfect for children eight years old and up. Spanish only. The cover shows some wear, but the inside pages are crisp and clean.

Empezando con la Gramática
by Clementina Maldonado & Cicilia Beuchat
MM Special: $15.00 SOLD

With simple, graduated, and motivating exercises, the authors help the young reader to learn Spanish grammar. Includes fun illustrations and a variety of exercises to engage the student. Written completely in Spanish, this is a student workbook only. No teacher's guide available, but the text is pretty self-explanatory. Best for children in 2nd through 4th grades.

MommyMaestra CD Vol. 1 
MM Special: $10.00 (plus 2.99 shipping)

This volume comes with the following bilingual printables:
Fall/Otoño: bookmarks, calendars, mobile, activity pack
 Winter/Invierno: calendars, number cards, Navidad pack, Christmas cards
Spring/Primavera: calendars, number cards, number posters
Templates: Story boards, Bilingual preschool planner
Extras: bilingual Valentine's Day cards, San Patricio activity pack, Spanish Easter book of colors, bilingual Earth-friendly chore charts, bilingual Earth-friendly note cards, Olympics number cards, Olympics trading cards.

Artes del lenguaje &
Manual de gramática y escritura

MM Special:
$15.00 SOLD
This set of books is geared for children in 3rd grade and is written completely in Spanish. The textbook includes a section for preparing the student for the TAAS test.

For more information about these books, go here.

Enciclopedia Larousse
de los Pequeniñes Set:
Los Verbos & Los Adjetivos
MM Special:
$20 (includes shipping)
This set of books is a genuine treasure for Spanish-speaking familias. Each book is filled with words that are defined with quotes from famous Latino authors and a small illustration. For more information, read my review here.

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