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This minibook is a brief history on the popular Latin craft of making cascarones. This book includes coloring pages of items related to the history of this craft, as well as brief descriptions in English and Spanish that are easy for young children to understand. At the end of the book are simple directions in English and Spanish for making cascarones.

This file now contains THREE books: 
• a bilingual book (English & Spanish)
• an English only (for ESL)
• a Spanish only (for Spanish learners)

Roll the dice and decorate your cascarón using the options provided. 
Available in English and Spanish.

Help your students learn their ABCs with this culturally-inspired Lotería game! Lotería is a traditional Mexican game of chance similar to bingo. Players each get at least one tabla (game board). But instead of using ping-pong balls marked with numbers, the lotería cantor (singer) selects a card and calls out its name or describes it with a riddle.

This Lotería can be played in multiple ways to enhance alphabet learners and includes:

  • A brief history of Lotería
  • Ways to play
  • Ways to win
  • 12 tablas (game boards) - 6 in English, and 6 in Spanish

These fact files may be used as individual bookmarks or a fandex. It features 36 historical figures. (Read more about it here.) Directions for fandex assembly and use, as well as individual worksheets, cut-outs and answer key included. ENGLISH AND SPANISH. (For English only or Spanish only, please click here.)

Martin Luther King Jr Writing Activity

This simple activity allows students to write their own ending to Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have a Dream" speech. They simply color in the base sheet and write in their ending, before coloring in and attaching a flap-style poster to the top. Available in English or Spanish.

A Bilingual Thanksgiving Book of Words

Boost your child's reading and writing skills with this minibook of Thanksgiving words. The pages show items typically associated with Thanksgiving, so the student will enjoy coloring while learning the words for "corn/maíz," "turkey/pavo," "harvest/cosecha" and more.

NOTE! This file contains THREE books: 
• a bilingual book (English & Spanish)
• an English only (for ESL)
• a Spanish only (for Spanish learners)

NEW! Calavera Poetry Writing Activity

Teach your students about Calavera Poetry by having them create their own calavera poems! This activity includes a brief description of calavera poems, directions for writing your own, sample calavera poems, and various Día de los Muertos writing pages. The directions and sample poems are in English only. The writing pages may be used in any language.


Rosita y Conchita is the best picture book for children describing Day of the Dead/Día de los Muertos. The illustrations are simply fantastic and the storyline makes introduces the reader to not only the holiday, but the elements surrounding the building of an ofrenda and why.
** Rosita y Conchita SOLD OUT!! Check back later this year.

Paquito y Abuelito is a new book by Eric Gonzalez and Erich Haeger. It is another story celebrating the Day of the Dead/Día de los Muertos, but this one is created specifically for boys.
**UPDATE: SOLD OUT! Check back later this year.

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