Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Free Download: Beginning Sounds Review in Spanish

It's time for another great download from our sponsor, Lectura para niños! Today's download is a sample of worksheets reviewing beginning sounds in Spanish.
Leah says...

Here is your February’s freebie! This is a sampling of a bigger book. With this book, each new section of the book has several practice pages from the “NEW” letters in each theme. The kids practice writing the begging sound from each picture, then they have to decide which picture starts with the beginning sound. There are enough pages to practice in class as well as send home for homework. I like this book because the students will have had enough practice in class which will allow them to do the homework on their own without help.

For more awesome Spanish materials, especially those that teach children to read in Spanish, check out Lectura para niños on FacebookTeachers Pay TeachersBlog, and Pinterest.


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