Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Launching a Spanish Program for K-1

I'm very excited to share with you that today will be my first day back in the classroom! Although it is simply once a week for an hour in my son's is a great feeling. When I stepped out seven years ago, I never imagined I would be away this long.

This is a small step for me but a big step in teaching languages in our elementary schools. My son's school starts a Spanish curriculum in the first grade but for some parents (including myself), forty minutes every six school days wasn't enough. It was remarkable that they took the initiative and suggested adding Spanish as an after school enrichment program. It was also impressive that the school quickly agreed and I was happy to accept the recommendation for the spot.

I'm going in with great ambition to hold the entire class speaking only in Spanish for the entire hour. The majority of the children are in the first grade and love their Spanish teacher, I know they have been paying attention! The basics such as introductions, letters, numbers and shapes have been covered by her and will be reviewed with me. This will be more of a support class with no reason for me to believe the children who are not of Latino descent, cannot benefit from an additional one hour a week of Spanish.

Today I will start with resources that we have mentioned here on Mommy Maestra, books that are perfect for reading aloud, music and games! Diego has been asking me all day if I am prepared! Of course, it is an added bonus that he will be sitting in the same class with me. It also goes without saying that this opportunity continues to support our family's effort to keep the Spanish language alive in our home. Diego is proud of the fact that I will be in his school teaching (even if it is only an hour a week) and as what seems to be the only Spanish speaker in the lower grades, it shows that his first language is important.

Please wish me luck! I promise to report back!

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