Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Year Full of Blessings Activity {Printable}

NOTE: Printable has been updated for 2023.

Happy New Year from MommyMaestra!

I am so looking forward to this new year and all the wonderful moments I'll be sharing with my family. My biggest wish is to be a better mom. To help my children find happiness everyday and grow in knowledge and self confidence. I want to be the mom they need me to be: always patient, always kind, always loving. And since I'll be trying to help them find the blessings we have each and every day, I'm starting off with this idea I've seen in a million places. To share it with you, I've created a bilingual printable for A Year Full of Blessings Jar.

A Year Full of Blessing Jar

Every time we experience something new, learn something fantastic, meet new people or receive something wonderful, it gets written down and placed in the jar. At the end of the year, we open up all the notes and read about our marvelous year.

To help you create your own, I've designed two images (one in English, the other in Spanish) that you can print up and attach to your own jar. We've used both, one on each side. I printed them on some extra 2" x 4" mailing labels I had laying around. The images are large so you can adjust the size as needed.

Wishing your family a wonderful new year full of many bendiciones!

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