Monday, October 21, 2013

Easy Día de los Muertos Treat Bags {Tutorial}

Day of the Dead treat bag

This is a tutorial for creating easy Day of the Dead treat bags. In fact, it is so easy, you may not even need this tutorial; you can just look at the picture above and make your own!

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During one of our bi-weekly shopping trips to Michaels (our local craft store), I stumbled upon these super cute little bags. I love them. I love their colors and their size. I went ahead and picked up these two colors because they are some of my favorites and I thought my kids would like them.

The paper bags are tiny and measure about 2.5 inches by 4 inches. They're great for a single treat like one piece of candy, an eraser, stickers, tattoos, and so on. With Día de los Muertos quickly approaching, I thought they would look great with a single calavera on the front! But of course, you could use another image if you wanted.

However, I thought this was a simple, fun project for my kids and maybe yours (heck, I enjoyed it myself!), so here are the easy directions for making your own.


First, cut out the calavera of your choice. My Calavera Decorating Sheet has four full-color designs, but it also has four black-and-white designs in case your child (or you!) would prefer to color them in herself.

Then attach the 3D glue dots to the back of the calavera. You could simply use a glue stick, too, but we liked ours better with the 3D effect. Using three dots - two at the bottom and one at the top - seemed to work best for us. You could use four with two at the top, but one worked well, so we decided to save our extras.

Center on the bag and boom! You're done.

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