Tuesday, October 8, 2013

PEG + CAT Big Gig App Review

Yesterday was the premiere of the new PBS KIDS show, Peg + Cat. The series centers around a young girl who wakes up every day to a different math problem that she has to solve with the help of her cat... and other friends. It's a super show that helps children develop early math skills in a fun way. PBS KIDS sent me and my kids the show's accompanying app for this review, and here's what we thought... 

Name: PEG + CAT Big Gig
Subject(s): Math & Music
Brief Description: Preschoolers learn about simple math with this musical adventure.
Price: $0.99
Language: English
Ages: 3 to 5 years old

What my kids like:
My son loves the songs from the show, so this musical app is a big hit. He especially like the "Sound Check" section that allows him to create and record his own song by simply tapping the musical instruments, characters, and chicks! Then he can play it back and listen to his melodious creation.

He also likes the "Big Gig" section in which he chooses a character then listens to a series of notes and recreates them by tapping on specific numbers. If he gets them all correct, then he gets to watch a short animated segment of the characters playing that particular song.   

What I like:
I love that the songs are all catchy tunes and not annoying. Ha! Okay, seriously, I do enjoy hearing the songs. I also like that they are all centered around math and numbers. For example, one song teaches counting by 10s, another teaches kids how to measure objects, and another helps kids recognize patterns. Too often early math skills are not even talked about so I'm very pleased to see a show that focuses on this area. And I'm especially glad to see additional tools being created around the show to allow kids to practice and develop these early math skills. Being able to identify numbers and basic counting are skills that all children entering kindergarten need to know so that they are not trying to catch up with the other kids for the rest of the year. This app helps strengthen their knowledge of these basic math concepts and is a great tool for both parents and teachers. 


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