Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ask en español {GIVEAWAY}

Spanish language magazine

I have a great giveaway today from Cricket en español! They sent me a few copies of their most recent issue of Ask en español (and a few others) to look over and I must say they are phenomenal, as you'll see from the snapshots below.

Spanish magazine for kids

Okay, it's true. I said I wasn't going to focus on giveaways and I really, really am trying to get away from them, but at the same time, if I'm approached about a giveaway that I think you would love and benefit from, know what that means.

And today's giveaway is lots of fun and SUPER educational. (That's my favorite combo, you know!)

I've written before about Cricket's new line of Spanish language magazines for kids, and I know you all loved discovering them because there really aren't any other magazines like these for kids. They are high-quality mags that are worth every penny of their subscription.

This month's issue of Ask en español is especially great because the whole issue is pretty much dedicated to bones. (Ask is Cricket's magazine for kids ages 6 - 9. It focuses on STEAM - SCIENCE, technology, engineering, ARTS, and math - stories.) Your kid will learn all about the bones in her body, what happens when you break a bone and how it heals, the different types of skeletons found in nature, and even learn about Día de los Muertos and its view of death and skeletons (i.e., not scary, just a natural part of life). There's also a section on archaeology and what archaeologists learn from bones. Honestly? There's actually a lot more than just this, but you'll have to wait to learn about it until you get your own copy! And can you believe that it is all in Spanish? They are really targeting bilingual families, and I think that's cool.


Cricket en español has generously offered a 1-year subscription to Ask en español to THREE (3!) MommyMaestra readers. Each subscription includes both a digital and print issue, so you can read it however works best for your familia.

To enter the giveaway, simply use the Rafflecopter below.

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