Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why My Children's Education Matters

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As a mother of two young children, education is subject that I am extremely passionate about. I know that a good education is the best gift I can give my kids. It provides protection from poverty, increases their self-esteem, and gives them an opportunity to pursue their own dreams.

Earlier this year, I heard education expert Mariela Dabbah say that college graduates typically earn a million dollars or more as adults than those without a degree. I expect this has to do with the fact that college students are motivated to work hard and excel in their field of interest - otherwise, why bother going to college, no? And the fact that the knowledge and training they receive in college makes them better qualified for higher paying positions. And while making money is not really the point I want to emphasize with my kids, it certainly is nice when you can get paid well for making your dreams a reality. 

I've always felt that if you go to college, you're investing in your career. And to me there is a big difference in a career and a job. A job is a place you go to earn some money. You may or may not enjoy it. But a career is where you invest your time, effort, effect, a little part of yourself. You build a reputation and rely on it to provide you with additional opportunities to better yourself and your field.

Education Matters to Me

I know that for me, college was one of the best times of my life. I learned so much about the things I was passionate about and laid the foundation to my current career. (I was an English major with a writing emphasis.) I travelled, met my husband, and learned without a doubt who I was, what I valued, and what I wanted to do with my life.

I want the same for my own children. I want them to find fulfillment in knowing their work is valued, that they've done their best, and made a difference in the world.

I look around me now and see so many people who have lost their focus and are leading lives they have "settled for" rather than ones with which they are joyful and satisfied. I don't want that for my kids. And I know that the one thing I can give them to help them avoid this lackluster future is their education.

In our house, there is no question about whether or not they will go to college. We talk about it openly and they take it for granted. Though they are only in 1st and 3rd grade, I am always keeping an eye out for resources to help me pave their path to higher education.

And I'm always willing to share those resources with you so that you, too, can encourage and support your college-bound children.

Here are a few of the college-bound resources for Latino families that I have shared here on MommyMaestra: 


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