Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Little Chefs eBook

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I had been working on the Little Chefs Project. The project includes not only the Cook-Alongs, but also an eBook and recipes. I'm so pleased to announce that the Little Chefs eBook is now available online. This free, online book was written by 40 moms who share their tips, recipes, and ideas on cooking with kids.

As you can tell from the post my friend Becky shared yesterday here on MommyMaestra about the history of Calabaza en Tacha, I love learning about ways to use food and cooking to supplement school subjects. So my chapter in the ebook is focused on Teachable Moments, specifically on how to use food to teach history.

But the book also covers other areas and is divided into six chapters on the following topics:

- Feel Like a Kid Again

- Teachable Moments
- Everyday Fun
- Family Time
- Fun with Flavors
- Family Traditions

The book is not only a valuable resources with plenty of ideas on how you can use your kitchen with your children, but is also a visual treat. You can also find  the recipes mentioned in the book, and many others on Chef Boyardee's site. Before getting involved in this project, it never occurred to me that I could use Chef Boyardee cooking kits to create a variety of meals from a single boxed kit.

So far three Cook-Alongs have taken place, but there are still three more left! I hope you'll join us for these live recipe demos and online chats.

Enjoy this wonderful ebook. I know you'll find some great ideas to use in your own kitchen with your children.

Un abrazo...

Disclosure: I am working with The Motherhood and Chef Boyardee on the Little Chefs project.


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