Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Send a Message to the Students in Bolivia

I know that both educators and parents are going to love this opportunity, because it allows your students and children to communicate with and help other students in another country - Bolivia!

Part of raising children who do not see in color, but in words and actions, is teaching them to see with their heart and find the beauty in differences. It's teaching our children to understand that there are others like us, in another part of the world, who may or may not look like us, but have the same hopes and dreams that we have.

The World Food Programme is working in Bolivia to provide nutritious meals for children in schools. As part of their project, they are inviting other people from around the world to get to know the children in the Huarimarca School in Bolivia, who benefit from their program. Your class or children, can ask a question to the children in Bolivia. The message may be in English or Spanish and will be translated (if needed) and delivered by Ximena, WFP’s Communications Officer there.

What a fantastic opportunity for your kids! You can learn more and send your message here.

Watch this video to learn more...


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