Friday, October 26, 2012

Live Blogging: STEM: The Foundations to Create a Better Future for All

I'm preparing to live blog about a panel going on here at Latism'12. Please check back and refresh the page regularly!

Moderator: Alberto Sardinas - is with Univision
Emily Kirkpatrick - is with National Center for Family Literacy
Alberto Roca - founder of
Jesse Martinez - A Start-Up Expert
Monica Vila - founder of the Online Mom

Es el Momento received 100,000 impressions on twitter during their Education Week.

Monica: Less and less of our kids are entering STEM fields, which limits our skill and achievement in this area.

The image is the probelm: STEM is not "sexy," the students are too "geeky."

Emily : How STEM relates to learning. Their goal is to bring parents and children together to learn.

Literacy and STEM go hand-in-hand. Both can help each other.

2/3rds of our countries 3rd graders cannot pass benchmark tests on math.

1/5th of our adults are not proficient in literacy.

Wonderopolis is the first online community dedicated to online learning. Wonderopolis is a site that shares wonderous topics that develop vocabulary and concepts. It encourages further learning, deeper understanding. Subscribe to receive a Wonder-of-the-Day - it is FREE!

En Camino: bilingual online modules to help families to start conversations about college-going.

We all learn best when learning about subjects that are interesting to us.

Litera-Seeds Mini-grants:
Awarding 10-20 grants of $500 each

NOV 1 - Applications accepted for the Toyota Family Literacy Teacher of the Year will receive a 20,000 grant.

Jesse -
Creating an organization to support Latino entrepreneurs. They are also supporting tech entrepreneurship at a high school level.

Their after-school pilot (using google adwords and analytics, creating Facebook apps, building a website) has led to the establishment of a class available for students that teaches them online skills and technology.

Alberto Roca -

Is a scientist interested in DNA repair.

Helps people who are getting doctorates in STEM navigate the system. Problem: we don't have enough Latino staff to serve as role models.

Is now publishing a newsletter, called Diverse Scholar,

Richard a Tapia, PhD, Rice univ. has received ;

Eurgene Cota-Robles, PhD, UD-Riverside
- there is a Graduate Student Fellowship in his honor.

SACNAS - The Society for the Achievement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science.

Our problem now is that we have a generation of Latino faculty who are retiring and leaving us.

We need more people who are Diverse Scientists who are Blogging to create science journalists

Isis the Scientist: Lab Goddess
M. Garcia: Chemistry-Blog
C.A. Rodriguez-Rosari: Minus Two Fish
H. Hernandez: On Life and science
L.L. Espinosa: STEM Watch
C. Santa Maria: Talk Nerdy to Me (vlogger)
M. Cinces: SoScience
Univ Washington SACNAS chapter
CienciaPR (Puerto Rico) Spanish/bilingual

Roberto has put together the Diversity in Science Blog Carnival
hosted by Elisa Maldonado, PhD

submission form is on

Roberto asks: Why is there no interest in STEM?
Jesse says we need to change the perception that it isn't "cool" or attractive.
Emily says that we don't make the subject fun.

Roberto asks: Are moms worried about the way STEM is presented in school?
Monica: There is an incredible difference in the way we teach our kids. Our education has fallen behind and is still teaching for factory jobs.
Check out the video: Did You Know?
She advocates introducing children to technology with proper monitoring.
There's a lot we can do at home, if we can't change our school systems.

Roberto: The trouble is implementing educational goals at a local level. Specific challenges include: Kids need to understand there are certain skills that must be mastered to achieve their dreams (depending on what they are).

Organizations are calling for change in the way science is taught.

Jesse: One of the biggest challenges is the student's home life and what they're support system is like.

Education is not indoctrination. It is giving them the skills they need to apply in the future.


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