Sunday, September 16, 2012

Resources for Celebrating Mexico's Independence Day Questions

¡Viva Mexico! ¡Viva!

We've got a whole week coming up dedicated just to Mexico, so I'm going to just focus on a few of the great resources that I think are important for celebrating el dieciséiz...or Mexico's Independence Day (Yes! It's today! No! It's not cinco de mayo! But you already knew that, no?) 

First off, you can find most of these and more on my Pinterest board, Mexico Independence. But my favorite items include...

• This free ebook of El Grito, written as a song, from There's not really a lot of stuff out there for kids about El Grito, so enjoy!

BrainPopJr. has a free page dedicated to Mexico. It includes a nice little write up about the country, just hitting a few of the highlights, a game, a joke, vocabulary, drawing and writing activities, etc. The best part may be the great animated video in English introducing Mexico.

Miguel Hidalgo (Biografias Para Ninos) (Spanish Edition) - There are less than a handful of children's books about Miguel Hidalgo... and only a few copies of this one!

Cucurrucu has some really great coloring pages for Día de la Independencia de México!

JugaryColorear has some printable paper puppets of the historical figures associated with Mexico's Independence Day...



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