Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lesson Plans and Activities for Hispanic Heritage Month


Today marks the beginning of National Hispanic Heritage Month. What a wonderful opportunity for us as parents to discuss the contributions that Latinos have made in our history. It is also a great time to talk about the diversity of Latino cultures. My kids and I will be talking about the different Spanish speaking countries in the Americas over the next few weeks and looking for activities, books, and lessons that help them appreciate and learn about their heritage.

To help those of you who are interested in supplementing your children's or students' education and celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, here are a few of my favorite sites and pages for parents and teachers:

Hispanic Heritage Lesson Plans for Elementary

Other Sites & Posts that Teach About Hispanic Heritage  

Hispanic Heritage Teaching Resources :: Smithsonian Education

This might be my favorite site for information and activities. Specifically, you might take a look at their sections "From Vaquero to Cowboy" and "Latino Family Stories" and "Música del Pueblo".

A Kid's Guide to Latino History by Valerie Petrillo

The best book on the market covering the history of Latinos in the Americas. Filled with fun activities and recipes for all ages. Click here for a complete review.

Primary & Secondary Education :: Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC)

A VERY comprehensive list of resources for educators and parents. I especially love the sections on lesson plans and resources for children.

Hispanic History :: Teaching with Historic Places

This site has some really good lesson plans for older children in both English and Spanish.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage :: Scholastic

A good site for information and interactive learning. Lessons are divided according to grade level. Be sure to check out the Teacher's Guide for help preparing and teaching the lessons.

Printables & Digital Activities that Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

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