Monday, January 16, 2023

5+ Videos for Kids on How to Draw Martin Luther King Jr.

In honor of MLK Day, I decided to share with you some really great video tutorials for kids on how to draw Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. Art is always a fun way to learn about historical figures, especially if you can't make a trip to the library for biographies or don't have any other resources to study someone. Below are several videos for drawing the famous civil rights activist. And I tried to include ones for different ages and skill levels.

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Gather Your Art Supplies

Before you get started, first decide on the video tutorial you'll be using. Then go ahead and get all your art supplies together. Here are some of the supplies used in the following art lessons.

How to Draw Martin Luther King Jr. Videos

Art for Kids Hub is one of my favorite drawing-for-kids channels. They have this video tutorial for How To Draw Cartoon Martin Luther King Jr.:

BONUS! You may also enjoy their drawing lesson for How To Draw I Have A Dream:

I love Making Art with Ms. B's directed drawing video because it's a different presentation of Dr. King - SO creative!

Art Projects for Kids has this simple and fabulous video lesson for drawing Dr. King:

Older students may enjoy this How to Draw Martin Luther King EASY - Step by Step for KIDS w/ Background from Mr. Schuette 's - ART CLASS:

And I really love this easy tutorial from Deep Space Sparkle that uses sharpie markers and watercolors for making a Martin Luther King Jr. Portrait:


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