Monday, January 18, 2021

Martin Luther King Jr. Quote Analysis Mini-Lesson


Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!!

I love when I can take a teachable moment and combine it with my child's curriculum. And today, I can do just that with this MLK quote analysis mini-lesson. It helps students dive into the words of the civil rights activist.

Martin Luther King Jr. Quote Analysis Mini-Lesson

Honestly, I think teaching our children Dr. King's message is just as important today as it was 60 years ago. As I was reading his words and researching quotes, I was struck by just how relevant his words are during these difficult times for our country.

His words give hope. And encouragement. And understanding.

Since text analysis and interpretation is a critical part of most language arts curricula, I decided to create this minilesson for my oldest son who is in 9th grade. We'll be discussing what a quote analysis consists of, and then he'll be using the worksheets to analyze quotes from Dr. King. 

What's Included

This file contains one lesson plan for teaching quote analysis, grading rubric, and 26 worksheets - 25 with different different quotes by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and one blank to allow students to choose their own quotes. (Students should not be restricted to the quotes in this packet by any means.)

Includes links to online reading and video resources to introduce Dr. King, as well as suggested links for online sites with King's quotes.

If you'd like to use them with your older children, I have listed this packet in my TpT shop.

All the worksheets are available in English and Spanish. And a grading rubric is included for teachers who wish to use it with their classes.


Don't forget that you can find a list and description of ALL of my Martin Luther King, Jr. printables here.

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