Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Free Hispanic Heritage Month Digital Classroom


Today, Hispanic Heritage Month kicks off across the country. I've been thinking for a while about which resource to share on the first day of this celebrate this month-long celebration. And then, like magic, a fabulous mom in our Hispanic & Bilingual Homeschoolers Facebook group shared this!

This is an amazing Hispanic Heritage Month virtual classroom. What an awesome resource! And it is FREE! 

Created by a remarkable group of educators, you can find:

  • videos of biographies and book read-alouds, 
  • maps of Spanish-speaking countries, which lead to... 
  • pages dedicated to each country, 
  • images, 
  • written biographies, 
  • infographics, 
  • and more.
I love that students can watch YouTube videos safely without having access to inappropriate content. So much work has been put into this content wise, as well as to make it visually engaging and interactive for students. Some slides even have music! 

If you're looking for free resources to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, this should probably be at the top of your list!

And if you are wondering...yes, you can make a copy. Yes, you can use it in your classroom. And, yes, you can share it with everyone.

Go and enjoy.


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