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Frida Kahlo Crafts for Kids

If she were still alive, Frida Kahlo would be turning 115 years old on her birthday this Wednesday. I thought it would be nice to do a round up of Frida-inspired crafts for kids in her honor. I also thought it would be easy to put together, but man it was hard finding very many! So in addition to tutorials on the web, I've included a few kits down at the bottom that may interest your children. 

Don't forget, I have a wonderful post that lists Frida Kahlo lesson plans, coloring pages, videos, books, and more. And if you are looking for drawing activities, check out my 10+ Videos on How to Draw Frida Kahlo.

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Frida Kahlo Crafts for Kids

Each one of these Frida-inspired crafts for kids is adorable! These are perfect for celebrating her birthday or to supplement any unit study for the artist.

  1. Frida Kahlo Bookmark
    While researching for this post, I stumbled upon this Frida bookmark from Sugar Spice & Glitter. Oh my gosh, it is my favorite Frida craft!

  2. Paper Plate Frida Face
    Box of Ideas has this super fun paper plate craft in which children use the free templates provided to make Frida's face. There's also a video tutorial that you can watch. 

  3. Frida Body Cast Printable
    Denise from PearMama has this printable coloring page that kids can decorate however they'd like.

  4. How to Draw Frida
    Art Projects for Kids has this wonderful step-by-step tutorial for drawing the artist. I love how they used oil pastels on black paper. 

  5. Frida Kahlo Piñatas
    These toilet paper roll piñatas from Red Ted Art are just precious. And after the art is done, you can feast on the goodies inside!

  6. Frida Kahlo Felt Flower Crowns
    Art Bar Blog has a simple tutorial for making Frida Kahlo's flower crowns out felt. This is an art project your kids will enjoy wearing over and over again.

  7. Frida Kahlo Cardboard Tube Craft
    From ABCs to ACTs
    has another lovely tube craft complete with templates. I just love the little necklace this Frida is wearing!

  8. Frida Ornaments
    Of course, Kathy from CraftyChica has these oh-so-beautiful ornaments that children can dress up. Just use her free "doll" template as a base and let your kids use the CraftyChica papers or whatever decorative papers (scrapbooking!) you have at home. In fact, they can just color their own patterns and use those pages for dresses.

  9. Frida Nichos (Shadow Boxes)
    If you have older children, CraftyChica also has this awesome video tutorial for making Frida nichos. It's best for older kids who are looking for a more advanced project, but young children can find inspiration, too!

  10. La Casa Azul Craft
    Carolina from Fun for Spanish Teachers has put together this easy origami project that children can add to by cutting & pasting pictures or drawing inside it to reflect Frida's beloved home.

Frida Kahlo Art Kits

If you'd like to purchase something that comes with all the materials you'll need, here are some ideas for craft kits featuring Frida. 

Inspire a young artist you know to express herself and create a one of a kind handheld mirror with decal stickers she'll paint by hand.

Unfold this Poppik panoramic sticker poster and follow the number code to stick on the colored stickers in the right place.

A magnetic dress up set featuring some of Frida Kahlo's iconography plus other exciting outfits.

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