Thursday, June 30, 2022

15 Children's Books about the Ocean


There are so many fabulous books about the ocean now available for children. And summer is one of the best times to explore them because - hello! - trips to the beach! We used to go to the beach all the time when we lived on the East Coast. Now that we're in Texas, we miss those beach trips terribly. 

So I have been looking at ocean-themed children's books to share with my youngest. If you are looking for some, too, take a look at these!

Books about the Ocean - in English

by Anita Ganeri

by Bethanie Hestermann

by Christina Wilsdon   

by DK

Books about the Ocean - in Spanish

by DK Publishing

by Michelle Glorieux

El Mundo Marino 
(Discovery Guides "Ocean Worlds")
by Francesca Baines

by Nicola Davies

by Jess French

by Franz Anthony & María Emilia Beyer

Bilingual Books that Feature the Ocean

by Marcus Pfister

by Alan Watts 

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