Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Bilingual Book Club Packet

There's a new packet in my shop today!

Last week, I shared a post on How to Start a Book Club for 8 to 12-Year-Olds. As soon as I hit publish, I knew I needed to add another resource to make book clubbing more fun. 

Bilingual Book Club Activity Pages

So... voilá! Here's a bilingual packet of book club printables. They are designed to make running a book club easy and enjoyable for kids. 

It comes with pages for: 
  • writing down discussion questions, 
  • reviewing books, 
  • a member roster, and 
  • tickets for choosing a different meeting leader each time you get together.

Other Summer Reading Printables

You can also pair it with my bilingual reading passport, depending on the book theme or the format of your book club. It says Día de los Niños on it because that's the occasion for which I made it. But EVERY DAY is Día de los Niños, remember? And the passport itself doesn't have any specific holiday mentioned. It's pretty versatile and can be used at any time of year for any reading activity.

You might also like the free bilingual reading logs that you can download in my TpT shop. This packet contains three different designs so you can track by:
  1. # of minutes read,
  2. # of pages read,
  3. OR # of books read.
ALL of the logs are available in full color or black-and-white, and they are available in English and Spanish. You choose which one works best for your students.


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