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MommyMaestra Dia de los Reyes Resources


Día de los Reyes is only a few days away. Does your family celebrate this tradition? If so, how? 

If you aren't familiar with it, Día de los Reyes Magos (or Day of the Magi) takes place every year on January 6th. It celebrates that long ago day when the Three Wise Men arrived in Bethlehem to visit the newborn Jesus. 

In Latin America and Spain, Día de los Reyes is an integral part of the holiday season. For many, this is the day that children receive presents. It is the Magi who bring gifts rather than Santa.

Different countries celebrate the day in different ways. In some, children leave their shoes at the end of their beds or outside their bedroom doors for the Reyes to fill with gifts. Others assemble a box of hay for the Kings' camels to eat - and then the boxes are refilled with regalos

MommyMaestra has compiled a lot of resources over the years that are dedicated to this holiday. Take a look below at all the different ones.

Lesson Plans and More!




Reading Passage (for 4th - 6th)

This is a one-page history on the Día de los Reyes Magos, or the Epiphany that is celebrated in Latin America and Spain. Your students will learn about this holiday tradition. Available in full color or black-and-white, this informational text is written for students in 4th - 8th grade. Includes an 8-question comprehension quiz plus answer key.

This minibook is an introduction to the Day of the Magi. This book includes coloring pages of items most closely associated with the holiday, as well as brief descriptions in English and Spanish that are easy for young children to understand.

This file now contains THREE books:
• a bilingual book (English & Spanish)
• an English only (for ESL)
• a Spanish only (for Spanish learners)

This is my favorite printable for Día de los Reyes! Your students will enjoy it, too. This packet comes with:
• a festive banner to print and hang,
• photo booth props,
• a writing activity where your kids write a letter and stick it into a printed shoe,
• and shoebox decorating sheets for those who put out a box of grass for the camels. Each sheet contains a different scene and the sheets are available for small and large boxes.

FREE Letter Templates to the Magi

This stationery set comes with two designs and both are available in English and Spanish.


In English:

  • The Story of the Three Wise Kings by Tomie dePaola  -  on Amazon | on Bookshop
  • The Three Wise Men: A Christmas Story by Loek Koopmans  -  on Amazon | on Bookshop
  • Home by Another Way: A Christmas Story by Barbara Brown Taylor  -  on Amazon | on Bookshop

And in Spanish:

  • Los Reyes Magos by Lourdes M. Alvarez   -   on Amazon | on Bookshop
  • Ya llegan los Reyes Magos! by Georgina Lazaro - on Amazon | on Bookshop
  • Las Estrellas de Los Reyes Magos by Tere Rodriguez-Nora  -  on Amazon | on Bookshop
  • La Leyenda de Los Reyes Magos by Nora Girón-Dolce  -  on Amazon | on Bookshop
  • Si los Reyes Magos no tuvieran sus camellos by Gilberto Mariscal  -  on Amazon | on Bookshop

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