Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Free Download: Bilingual Alphabet Pages

Many parents are opting to preschool their children at home. So much has happened in recent years -- maybe too much for some of us. They/we are taking the extra time to spend with their little ones and keep them safe while learning those important skills and concepts that preschoolers need to master. One thing I had started working on before Covid-19 burst upon the scene and took over our lives was this set of bilingual alphabet pages for my toddler. He's still young, so it is an introduction for him. And hopefully, a way to keep him engaged while I am helping his older brother with school.

Printable Bilingual Alphabet Worksheets

This set of alphabet pages is unique because I chose images of items that all start with the same letter in both English and Spanish. So you can choose whichever language you prefer to use with your child. Just print the letter you are looking for and share it with your child. 

Ways to Use Them

These pages are versatile and may be used any way you want. But if you are looking for some suggestions, here's what I recommend:

  • Choose the language you want to use (English or Spanish).
  • Give your child the page and let them color the images.
  • Ask them if they know what letter is on the page.
  • Point to the letter and say its name, then say the sound it makes. Start with the capital letter and then repeat with the lowercase letter.
  • Point to the images at the top of the page and say their names. Be sure to emphasize the beginning sound of each one (ex., ah-ah-aguacate or ah-ah-avocado).
  • Have them practice writing the letters on the lines at the bottom of the page.

How to Add Variety

Some children love repetition. They enjoy the security of knowing what to expect. In this instance, following the same routine with these alphabet pages is important. 

But some children (like my youngest) love the unexpected. I change things up for him this way: Depending on the letter, we decorate it a totally different way each time. Here are some different ways to "color" a letter:

  • use crayons
  • use markers
  • use colored pencils
  • use play-dough to fill in the letters 
  • use dot markers
  • use Q-tips dipped in washable paint
  • use fingerpaints (washable!!!)
  • use watercolors
  • use chalk
  • use stickers to fill the letters
  • use stamps to fill
  • dip a pencil eraser into paint or stamp ink and fill the letters with dots
  • glue yarn inside the letters
  • glue pasta to them
  • glue buttons in them
  • glue pompoms in them
  • fill the letters with beans
  • fill the letters with rice
  • fill the letters with Cheerios
  • fill with water bottle caps
  • place miniature figures (dinosaurs, horses, etc.) inside the letters
  • use Legos to fill them
  • cover the letter shape with sticky notes

There is no limit. Use your imagination!

Great Activity to Keep Younger Children Busy

It's been hard to keep my oldest son focused on his school work. And my preschooler is getting into everything and demanding our attention when I'm trying to help his older brother. So these pages are one activity that makes him feel like he's also doing school with his brother. And they also keep him occupied while I teach my older child.

If you are also in the same boat with little ones underfoot making school time difficult, I hope these  help you as much as they help me! 


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