Thursday, March 12, 2020

Resources for Helping Kids Understand the Coronavirus

News about the coronavirus is dominating all social media, news outlets, and even word of mouth. A big question for parents is "How much should I tell my little one?" And even more important, "How do I keep them safe?"

Young children

Friends, for younger children, I have to tell you that once again, it is PBS to the rescue. Last week, they published this awesome article with tips for parents on how and what to tell your kids about COVID-19.

The main three points?
  1. Keep it simple,
  2. Reassure children that they are safe,
  3. Emphasize simple things your family can do to be “germ busters” such as washing your hands and practicing healthy habits.
And they also include an excellent list full of links to PBS KIDS videos, games and activities all about handwashing and staying healthy. 

Here's one example from our friends, Rosita and Elmo (in English & Spanish)!

Older Children

And for older kids, you may have already seen this excellent video from BrainPop. It's part of their free resources...


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