Thursday, February 28, 2019

WWF's Wild Classroom

We're a wildlife-loving family. My kids have grown up around wildlife and are fascinated by animals and wild places. So I was delighted when my friend told me about the new online classroom from World Wildlife Fund.

WWF's Wild Classroom is a great tool for teachers. What child doesn't enjoy learning about wildlife? And if you're going to study wild creatures, you might as well teach them the message of conservation, too.

The best part? It's free! All I had to do was register my email with them. (So, yes, I know they'll be sending me emails, but I'm cool with that if it contains more resources for me to use in my homeschool. Otherwise, I'll just unsubscribe.)

Geared for students in grades 3 - 5, the site features seven toolkits: one for each of the six different species that the organization works with, plus one extra titled "Food Waste Warrior." The six species are:

  1. tigers
  2. sea turtles
  3. polar bears
  4. dolphins
  5. elephants
  6. and monarch butterflies (I'm all over this one!)

You have the option of downloading the entire toolkit, or you can see what's inside. If you choose the latter, then you can see the individual lessons in each subject (such as science, STEM, social studies, language arts, etc.) plus classroom posters to download.

Each lesson also contains an activity for the students to complete.

The site also links to additional apps, online games, and downloads for your classroom to enjoy...

Unfortunately, even though I received a Spanish flyer about the website, I could not find an actual Spanish website anywhere. But for my readers who teach classes in English, this is a lovely discovery and a great tool for you to use with your children while teaching them the concept of conservation!



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