Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Rick Steves Classroom Europe

Homeschoolers! Do you know about Rick Steves' website for educators? I am so grateful MommyMaestra reader, Mireya, for sharing this with me!

Such a wonderful teaching tool, Rick Steves Classroom Europe is a compilation of short video clips from his popular travel show. He says in a message on his site that he has selected the most teachable moments from his 120 episodes of Rick Steves Europe. And he says the short video clips cover everything, such as:

  • You’ll take a tour of the ancient Roman Forum; 
  • learn why people in Barcelona speak Catalan; 
  • ponder why pilgrims trek 30 days across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela; 
  • see how and why Switzerland designed its major bridges and tunnels so they could be destroyed at the push of a button; 
  • and visit a vibrant market in the south of France.
The video clips are totally searchable by keyword and you can filter your search by city, country, historical era, and theme. **And you'll also love the fact that you can filter out any video clips with mature content.

Another awesome feature is that you can create your own temporary playlist and look through other public playlists that have been created and shared. Or, if you sign up for a free account, then you can create multiple playlists and save them for future use and share them with your students or publish them publicly to share with others. I made a temporary playlist on beautiful buildings and places in Spain. 

Really, this is a fabulous tool to use in your classroom or lessons. There's tons of information contained in each segment with great visuals, too. It's like visiting Europe from your classroom with your own tour guide!

Are you interested? Then click here to visit Rick Steves Classroom Europe.


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