Thursday, February 14, 2019

Susan B. Anthony Glossary for Families

How familiar are you with Susan B. Anthony? I ask because tomorrow is her birthday. She is one of the best-known suffragist leaders, who worked tirelessly her whole life to make it possible for women to vote.

I just wrote an article for Woo! Jr. about Susan B. Anthony's life. She was really remarkable. So in honor of her birthday, I have a gift for all of you. Today and tomorrow only, you can download this new glossary I created with words related to her.

Inside you'll find:

  • full-color (and black-and-white copies) of a word poster, 
  • glossary pages with 14 vocabulary words, such as suffrage, abolitionist, Amendment, activist, and more (also in full-color for bulletin boards, or black-and-white for coloring),
  • two worksheets that children can use to write down the definitions after studying the glossary pages,
  • and the answer key.

Click here to download this file 
(Free 2 days only)

To learn more about her life, watch this video:


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