Friday, June 23, 2017

Bilingual Homeschool Planner

One of my most popular downloads continues to be the free bilingual PreK homeschool planner that I shared several years ago to help parents get started with and keep track of lessons for their preschooler. So for a long time, I've been thinking about offering additional homeschooling printables for older students.

Over the years, I've used a lot of different ways to organize our lessons. I started out with a simple blank notebook that I wrote in - and it worked great. But as my kids grew, lessons became a little more complex. And then I won A Simple Plan planner from a friend. It was fantastic. I used that a few years. 

But sometimes, I needed something specific to supplement the planner. So I've been creating my own record keeping pages for years. I finally made time to expand them and make them available in both English and Spanish for MommyMaestra readers. For families thinking about homeschooling, this set of bilingual homeschool planning sheets will help you get started.

A Bilingual Homeschool Planner

My Bilingual Homeschool Planner is a set of 140 pages of record-keeping templates, including:

• cover pages
• binder spine label
• curriculum organizer
• extra media list
• subject overview
• weekly subject schedule
• monthly schedules
• attendance record
• field trip log
• reading lists
• weekly schedules
• subject schedules

Just select the pages that best suit your needs, print, and go! I recommend keeping them all together in a 3-ring binder. I've included cover pages in three different styles. All the pages are available in English and Spanish, as well as black-and-white or full color.

What is a growing bundle?

The best part of this packet is that the value of this bundle will increase as more resources are added. If you purchase it, you will be able to get any future additions to the bundle at no charge!

This planner is available for purchase in my shop.

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