Thursday, June 29, 2017

7 Fun Products to Get Kids Outside

Keeping kids active and entertained during the summer can be challenging. I try to send mine outside as much as possible. But sometimes I need fun games or other products to encourage them to spend that time outdoors. One of my go-to resources for inspiration is Hearthsong. This year is no exception.

Here are seven products I found on their site that are super fun. I'm listing these in order of age range, starting with products that the youngest kids can enjoy.

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Giant Kick Croquet Game

Giant Kick Croquet Game ($34.98) Ages 4+

Kickball plus croquet equals....super-sized outdoor active play! This outside game for kids combines the fun of running and kicking a ball (kickball), plus the added attraction of guiding it through a course of wickets (croquet). Practice your aim AND kicking skills while playing a fun game!

You can make the course as hard or as easy as you wish just by the way you space the seven wickets, so many ages and skill levels can get a kick out of it. Challenge a friend or a sibling, team up with mom or dad, and enjoy an afternoon of kicking and laughing!

The game comes with two giant 14" diam., cloth-covered balls, seven colorful wickets, and two finish flags. Some simple assembly required.

Inflatable Easel with Paints

Inflatable Easel with Paints ($49.98) Ages 3+

Nurture your child's inner Diego Rivera!! How fun is this inflatable easel? It's huge! Enjoy art anywhere—even (and especially) outdoors—with this heavy-duty vinyl inflatable easel. It makes a popular gathering place at birthday parties and play dates, where kids can paint (or finger paint) with abandon right on it, then just hose it off to be ready for another day. Includes four paints, four shaped sponges, and a paintbrush. Just inflate to start creating. Approx. 5½'H.

Jumbo 3-in-1 Adjustable Three-Square Game Set

Jumbo 3-in-1 Adjustable Three-Square Game Set ($139.00) Ages 6+

Combine three favorite classic games, oversized playing pieces, and an adjustable net that suits every age—and you've got the perfect backyard activity for the whole family! Large lightweight rackets (three included) are easy to grasp while players volley the oversized birdies (two included), volleyball or tennis ball.

The sturdy net forms three playing squares (each 6'W); double-up the net on one side for a more traditional two-player set up. And if you want to adjust the net for smaller players, simply remove the middle pole to shorten the height from 5½'-3¾'.

This portable game comes with a carrying bag so you can take it with you wherever the family wants to play—on vacation, at the beach or at a friend's house. Easy adult assembly required. Eight ground stakes and a needle pump are included. Please note—the net does not stand on its own and must be staked into the ground.

Hanging Lounge Chair

Hanging Lounge Chair ($89.98) Ages 4+

My kids so want this!! Reading outside in a hammock is one of life's greatest pleasures and a wonderful way to raise a reader.  Wherever your favorite place to hang out may be, this Hanging Lounge Chair will hang there to really get comfort off the ground. Made of softest polypropylene, it's still heavy duty. It’s a great way to stay home and get away to places where dreams are born. Approx. 54"L x 20"W.; 200 lbs. maximum weight limit. Adult installation required.

Pick-Up-And-Go Ping-Pong Table

Pick-Up-And-Go Ping-Pong Table ($189.00) Ages 6+

My kids LOVE ping-pong! I wish that I'd had this table for them when they were smaller. It would have provided endless hours of fun - year round, too! This favorite family game folds to go wherever the family goes, and sets up in seconds. Carefully crafted to replicate a regulation ping-pong table except for the size (which is close), it goes from a standing 59"L x 27" x 26" to a portable, packable 30"L x 27" x 5" in a snap. Includes net, two colorful paddles, and three balls, and weighs 29 lbs. Adult assembly required.

Portable 3-in-1 Pro-style Soccer Trainer Goal

Portable 3-in-1 Pro-style Soccer Trainer Goal ($169.00) Ages 5+

Goooool! Your young soccer player can play like a pro with the Goal for It!® 3-in-1 Pro-Style Soccer Trainer Goal. Turn your backyard into a soccer field!

Our training goal combines three ways to play—and practice—into one. With the depth of a professional-style soccer goal/cage, kids can use the cage to practice scoring goals, or easily switch out the panels to practice rebounder or target shots, improving their soccer skills while having fun!

Makes for engaging outdoor active play and encourages kids to hone soccer skills. Sturdy plastic stakes hold their ground against even the most determined play. Adult assembly required.

Deluxe Backyard Tetherball Game

Deluxe Backyard Tetherball Game ($169.00) Ages 5+

Now your kids can enjoy an exciting game of tetherball in the backyard with regulation equipment that's as safe and sturdy as the schools with our Deluxe Backyard Tetherball Game. This fun outdoor activity is great for kids of all ages and athletic abilities!

Kids serve and bat at the ball. Who can wrap the rope all the way around the pole first? Easy to set up, the institutional-quality, galvanized steel poles fit together with push-button ease; then plant right into the ground where they'll last a long time (ground sleeve included; suggest setting in concrete).

This game also includes a heavy-duty swivel attachment, an authentic ball (color will vary), and a pump—so let the fun begin! Needle to pump up the ball is located in the handle of the pump.

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