Friday, September 4, 2020

A Montessori PreK 9-Month Planner


Did you guys know that I have a book out to help you plan and record your Montessori lessons for preschool? It can be used by new or veteran homeschoolers, as well as Montessori school teachers.

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Montessori Lesson Planner

Montessori PreK: 9-Month Lesson Planner is a thick book. There is a LOT of room for writing down and storing activity ideas, making booklists, recording themes, and then the actual daily lesson guide sheets for you to fill in.

The first section includes a 9-month calendar for writing down all your monthly themes. There are also 28 pages for recording your favorite activities to reference as you fill out your planner each month. 

Then there are nine sections for planning your monthly lessons. Each section includes space for listing all the materials you’ll need for the month, a section for writing down the book titles you’ll be using, and finally pages for recording up to three activities for each daily lesson. There are 28 pages in each month for four weeks' worth of lesson planning.

The Montessori Method

If you'd like to learn more about the Montessori way of teaching, check out this comprehensive post on Homeschooling the Montessori Way. You'll learn the background and then discover LOTS of great resources!

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Montessori Toys

You may also enjoy seeing the types of toys that are commonly used with the Montessori method of teaching. But they aren't limited to those who only follow Maria Montessori. Any family and child will benefit from these interactive toys. 

Shape Sorter Number and Math Stacking Blocks

Peg Number Boards

Montessori Knobbed Cylinders Blocks

Object Permanence Box

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