Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sesame Street Airs a Bonus Half Hour This Fall

My mami loves to tell people that I used to watch Sesame Street until I was 13.

I'm pretty sure she's un poco exagerada (as most mamis tend to be when their kids grow up). She probably came home one day and found me watching it. Maybe I stumbled upon it while surfing channels and decided to take a trip down memory lane because, really, who didn't love Sesame Street as a kid? My own kids - ages 8 and 10 - still catch an episode every now and then.

Anyway, this popped into my head yesterday when I saw on my Facebook stream that starting Monday, September 1, a bonus half-hour SESAME STREET program will debut on-air and on digital platforms. The additional half-hour program will air on weekday afternoons on PBS stations, complementing the one-hour series that airs weekday mornings.

For the first time, viewers will also be able to stream SESAME STREET for free on PBS KIDS digital platforms. Selected full episodes of the 30-minute show will be available at, on the PBS KIDS Video App, and on the PBS KIDS Roku channel.

I can't help but think about how technology today is making education more accessible for children. And I can see how this helps busy parents who sometimes need extra help keeping their kids busy learning for 30 minutes during an important phone call, on a long drive, or while waiting at a doctor's office. I think back to those times when my kids were little and we'd go on errands. I usually would take a book or toy to keep them busy, but occasionally we go somewhere and I'd forget and all I'd have on me is my iPad or smartphone. I sure could have used something like this, knowing they'd be learning something educational!

Disclaimer: I'm a PBS Kids Ambassador, which simply means that I find out about information and opportunities from PBS Kids to share with you. I wasn't compensated for this post. All thoughts and stories are absolutely and totally my own (including the bit about me watching Sesame Street at 13!).


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