Sunday, June 22, 2014

Book Review - Soccer World: Mexico

A few weeks ago, this book - Soccer World Mexico: Explore the World Through Soccer -  was on sale on Zulily, so I bought it because I knew the championship was coming up and I wanted to find additional resources for my kids. It turns out that this is actually one of a series of books (the others feature Spain and South Africa).

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The series is written by former American professional soccer player Ethan Zohn. This particular book explores Mexico when Ethan visits Gabriel, his young soccer-playing friend from Mexico City. As they walk about the city, Ethan learns about food, history, and more. But the book is mostly a snippet of fast facts. It doesn't really go into a lot of lot of depth on any of the subjects, so it is a good book if you are looking for something light as a simple introduction.

It also includes a few activities, such as making salsa, beeswax candles and even compost. I think parents and educators will like the crafts, and also the Words 2 Know sections that introduce vocabulary words and their definitions.

The books is written in English with a scattering of Spanish words, and is best suited for kids ages 8-12.

Overall, I thought this was a nice book to share right now while soccer is on everyone's mind. I bought this little copy off of Zulily when they had a a super sale on books a few weeks ago. But you can find it on Amazon:

Happy reading!


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