Tuesday, June 3, 2014

25 Ideas for Handmade Gifts for Father's Day

As promised, I wanted to share some of my favorite handmade gifts for Father's Day. If you and your children are looking for inspiration, here are some of the awesome tutorials that you can find in the blogosphere. There's a lot of talent and creativity out there!

Gifts Dads Can Use

Let's start with things that dads can actually use and think of their children whenever they do. 

  1. DIY Comic Book Coasters
    I love this idea from Drugstore Divas. I think most kids will love making these comic book coasters - so creative!

  2. DIY Comic Book Decoupage Picture Frame
    Or, if coasters aren't his style, this comic book picture frame is another brilliant idea. 

  3. Father’s Day Appreciation Plates
    Crafty Chica has this great idea for personalizing plates to celebrate Dad. 

  4. Mustache Jar Cozy
    This handmade cozy is just the cutest. Muse of the Morning has this tutorial for older children who love needle arts.

  5. How to Paint Ceramic Mugs
    If your little artist just needs a new surface to draw on, consider this tutorial from Simply Full of Delight for painting on ceramic mugs... dishwasher safe!

  6. How To Make A Wallet Out Of Fabric
    A simple tutorial from BeginnerSewingProjects.com for older children who have some experience with sewing. The fabric can be substituted to best represent dad's interests.

  7. Wrapped Walking Stick
    Does Dad love to hike with the kids? Here's a tutorial from Imaginative Homeschool that shows kids how to decoratively wrap a walking stick. 

  8. Dad Rocks Salt Dough Paperweight
    Does dad have a desk job but a love of nature and the outdoors beating in his heart? Here's a great tutorial for merging the two together.

  9. Paint Chip Tie Pen Holder
    Super simple and quick craft from Two Kids and a Coupon. I think the concept could be adapted to be used in Dad's shop, too. 

  10. DIY Father’s Day Gift Bag
    Maybe you need a handmade gift bag to put your other handmade gift inside. Here's an idea from Ottawa Mommy Club that your kid can put together with some colored craft/scrapbooking papers.

Gifts Dads Can Eat

Maybe the way to Dad's heart is actually through his stomach instead. If you have young chefs in your house, maybe one of these recipes would be a great gift for dad.

Concha brownies by Sweet Life Bake

  1. Concha Brownies
    Oh my gosh. If Papi loves conchas, then... you're welcome. Shout out to Vianney from Sweet Life Bake for sharing this remarkable recipe!

  2. 3-Ingredient Sesame Seed Crunch Candy (Gluten-Free)
    This recipe from Strength and Sunshine literally has 3 ingredients and takes 15 minutes. SO SIMPLE for a candy-like brittle made of sesame seeds. 

  3. Honey Spelt Cookies
    If dad is on a restricted diet, maybe this healthy, sweet, and spicy cookie treat from Through the Fibro Fog would be a great surprise!

  4. Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies
    Take your traditional chocolate chip cookies to the next level with this recipe from The Forked Spoon. Wow.

  5. Air Fryer Peanut Butter Cookies Recipe
    You guys know how much I love my air fryer! So, of course, I'm going to include this recipe from SummerYule. :)

Printable Gifts for Dads

If your kids would prefer to use some printable templates, cards, or coloring pages, here's a good place to start.

bilingual printables from Lorena y Lennox

  1. Printable Father’s Day Activities in Spanish
    These are fantastic. If you're looking for Spanish printables for Father's Day, check these out from Lorena y Lennox. (She also has these really cute coloring pages for Abuelo!)

  2. Free Printable Father’s Day Footprint Poem Craft
    This is just the sweetest printable craft from MomHacks101! I love it. And so easy to put together. It works no matter what age your child is. 

  3. Printable Father’s Day Coupon Book
    This coupon book from Mombrite is fun and easy to print, cut, and put together. 

  4. Father’s Day Quotes from Kids
    Is your child making their own Father's Day card? Maybe they need some inspiration on what to write inside. Here are 15 quotes from LilTigers for them to consider. (PSST! Watch the video for creating a surprise message card - it's brilliant!)

  5. Printable Father’s Day 3D Monkey Card
    This one comes with a free template and simple instructions from SwagGrabber. It's better for younger kids who just need to glue pieces together. Mom may need to help cut out the monkeys. Video tutorial.

  6. All About My Dad Free Printable Questionnaire
    A fun and simple printable from The Keele Deal that lets kids show how much they know about their dad.

  7. Baseball Father’s Day Card
    The Soccer Mom Blog has a super cute handmade card for dads that are into baseball. I put it in the printables section because it comes with a printable template, but most of it is crafty. 

  8. “Dino-Mite” Homemade Father’s Day Card
    If Dad isn't into baseball, maybe he likes dinosaurs? Here's another homemade card in a different theme.

  9. Father’s Day Rocket Card
    This is a super fun card to make - the rocket even moves! The Printables Fairy includes a video tutorial.

  10. Father’s Day Coloring Pages
    If you have little who just want to color, these coloring pages from Cenzerely Yours are super cute.

More Ideas for Homemade Father's Day Gifts

As I mentioned yesterday, my daughter loves making handmade gifts. So to help her with ideas each year, I created a Father's Day Pinterest board with various ideas to inspire her.

Some of my favorite ideas for handmade gifts for dad from this board are:
  • A shadowbox with images and items that reflect dad's personality, likes, hobbies, work, and more.
  • A book of coupons with treats, chores, and activities the kids will do for/with dad. (Foot massage, take out the trash, clean out/wash his car, read to dad, make dad's favorite dessert, etc.)
  • The favorite Backrub T-Shirt!
  • A handmade pencil holder
  • A terrarium for nature-loving dads like my husband
All of these ideas you can find on my Pinterest board. And if I'm missing something really cool, be sure to tell me! I'm always on the lookout for ideas for my daughter. :)

Happy crafting!


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