Wednesday, February 26, 2014

State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grants

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and State Farm. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

I love it when I find out about kids who are doing social good and giving back to our comunidad. Especially when it provides a wonderful opportunity for other people - both young and old - to realize their dreams. So I'm happy to tell you about the State Farm Neighborhood Assist® program, in case it provides YOU or your familia with an opportunity to make a difference.

Do you have an awesome idea that would improve the lives of the people in your community? Maybe you want to create a community garden, or build a safe playground for your children to play in. Perhaps you have a lot of elderly in your community who would benefit from a senior center or emergency clinic. Maybe your local library doesn't have many bilingual books for your family to read or the staff to offer bilingual programs, and they don't have the money to fund them. Pues, you need to know about the Neighborhood Assist's grants then! NA is a youth-led philanthropic program that connects people with fabulous ideas to local nonprofits for support. In addition, if YOUR idea is selected, you can win a $25,000 grant to help get your idea off the ground. The organization is awarding 40 (forty!!) of these $25k grants this year.

¡Oye! They'll begin accepting submissions this coming Monday, March 3rd! ¿Y sabes qué? They want submissions that benefit the Hispanic community! Starting Monday, you can submit your idea using their free State Farm Neighborhood Assist Facebook app.

The State Farm Youth Advisory Board is made up of about 30 students across the country. The 17 to 20 year olds are responsible for helping State Farm manage a 5 million a year service-learning initiative

Once they receive a total of 4,000 cause submissions, the State Farm Youth Advisory Board will begin the process of reviewing them and identifying the top 200 causes. But you better SUBMIT EARLY because even though the deadline is March 23rd, submissions close when they receive 4,000 (which usually happens before the 23rd). They'll announce the top 200 on April 28 and anyone who has the free Facebook app can vote for their favorite causes with up to 10 votes per day until May 16. The 40 causes with the most votes will receive a $25K grant for their cause.

When researching the program, I found this inspiring guest post over on Type A Mom about a teacher who submitted her project to build a geodesic dome greenhouse at her school allowing her 6 - 8th graders the opportunity to grow organic food that they then donated to a local family homeless shelter. The students are low-income inner city kids who were able to learn about serving their community as a result of the project. I encourage you to read the short but moving post, and check out the great photos.

¡Me encantaría ver a mas comunidades Latinas beneficiar de esta gran oportunidad!


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