Sunday, February 9, 2014

Free Preschool Printables in Spanish About Emotions

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

This season's weather has our moods swinging back and forth like a crazed pendulum. One day it's 70 degrees and the next it is negative one. So this month's emotion-themed printables from our sponsor, Monarca Language, are absolutely appropriate! 

The Spanish vocabulary cards focus on emotions: from feliz to triste to emocionado and more. Print them on cardstock, then have your child color them in and cut them out. You can laminate them to help them last longer. Then take turns telling a story with your cards.

If you've been saving your cards from the previous months, then you can encourage your child to mix them all together to create more elaborate stories. 

The second activity sheet has your child identify and complete the pattern using facial expressions to display emotions.

Books in Spanish (affiliate links)
Check out the Sentimientos series by Sarah Medina. Here are a few of the books:


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