Thursday, February 6, 2014

Free Sample Pages of Spanish Phonics Centers for Beginning Readers {PRINTABLE}

This month's freebie from our sponsor Lectura para niños is a great resource for children learning to read in Spanish and their teachers!

Leah says...

This is a portion of my Phonics Centers – Level 1.  

This is the same game, but in digital format using the MIMIO software that can be downloaded at

Centro fonéticos: Haciendo palabras – nivel básico(43 pages - color) (Phonics Centers: Making words - Beginning Level) 4-6 sound words

Contains 43 pages of sequentially taught word/picture cards. In themes 2-10, each theme teaches 2-3 new letters making 4-6 sound words beginning with two syllable words progressing to three syllable words. In theme 1, you have an overview of the letters and beginning syllables. In theme 2-10, the students will focus on blending and segmenting words into sounds and syllables both auditorily and visually.

o Theme 2, (Reviews: A, E, I, O, U) – focuses on words with new consonants M, S, P

o Theme 3, (Reviews: A, E, I, O, U, M, S, P) – focuses on words with new consonants T, C, N

o Each theme 2-10 teaches 2-3 new letters, while reviewing letters from previous themes.


Cut each strip of letters. 
Tape the picture to the front of the envelope, the letters go inside. 

How to play:

Pull the letters out of the envelope,
Students segment the word into syllables first,
Form the correct first and second syllable at the top of the page.
Pull letters down one at a time to practice segmenting the word into sounds.
Pull letters down one at a time again to reinforce segmenting the word into sounds. 
Student writes the word on their white board, and or cardstock.  

We practice these words all week, once the students have mastered the letters from the theme and have been able to successfully segment and blend words, we move on to the next theme.  The next theme reviews the letters from the previous theme and adds 2-3 new letters and words that you can form with these letters.  


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