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A Comprehensive List of Spanish Curricula

Spanish Curricula

Below is a comprehensive list of Spanish curricula for homeschoolers. It is a list of materials and resources for families who are homeschooling their children bilingually or in Spanish.

IF you are looking for programs and resources for teaching your children to speak Spanish, visit my Master List of Spanish Learning Resources.

This list will be continually updated and made available for you to reference with ease via a button in my sidebar.

For a while now I've been thinking about all the requests I get on a constant basis for Spanish curricula. And even though I have shared many of them here on MommyMaestra, there really needs to be one single place that parents can go to and find what is available. Since I do not use a Spanish curriculum with my kids, I really hope that those of you who are homeschooling in Spanish, or are bilingual ed teachers, will share your knowledge and resources with the other families visiting this site.

By clicking on the title of the product, you will be taken to the publisher's/company's website where you can purchase it or read more about it.

Because some of the materials have already been reviewed on MommyMaestra, if you click on the word "REVIEW" next to the title, you will be taken to review article so you can read our thoughts about the product.

Items with the word "RECOMMENDED" next to them were submitted/presented at the suggestion of someone else. Some link to reviews.

IF you would like to review a product on MommyMaestra, please contact me to submit your review. 


- Nobis Pacem PreK - 12th, Charlotte Mason (REVIEW)
- Lemonhass
- Colegio Hebron PreK - 12, Christian based
- Rod & Staff PreK - 8th, Christian based


- Bilingual Preschool Planner Printable pages
- ReadyRosie Online school preparedness program (REVIEW)
- Bilingual Child Bubbles APP (REVIEW)


- Paco el Chato Website (For 1st through 6th grade)
- BrainPOP Español Website (REVIEW)
- A great resource for 3rd graders from the Secretary of Education from Nuevo Leon, Mexico. It is a 14 page review of reading comprehension and math. I think there are also editions for 4th, 5th, and 6th grade. (RECOMMENDED)
- La casa infantíl (RECOMMENDED)
- Rod & Staff Curriculum K-8th
- Mexican Governments Basic Education Reform page Free PDFs of Spanish textbooks for grades PreK - 6th
- Cursive resources

(Please remember that many of the books listed may be found at a reduced price on Also, be sure to look at MommyMaestra's series of articles related to teaching your child to read in Spanish.)

- Hagamos Caminos $ program (REVIEW)
- Lectura para niños $ program(REVIEW)
- Estrellita $$$ program (REVIEW)
- National Geographic School Publishing Curriculum (w/Hampton Brown)
- Tesoros de Lectura also look HERE for a link to their teacher/student site Curriculum
Newbridge Curriculum
- National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center FREE downloadable lesson plans (REVIEW)
- Teaching Reading and Writing in Spanish and English in Bilingual and Dual Language Classrooms Book (REVIEW)
- Los Bloguitos Website (REVIEW)
- ABC Escritura Creativa Website
- Música amiga Curriculum (REVIEW)
- ClicClicClic Interactive Website for beginning readers (REVIEW)
- DJ Inkers Bilingual preschool & kindergarten booklets (REVIEW)
- Reglas de ortografia (RECOMMENDED)
- A list of reading comprehension materials for 1st-2nd grade (RECOMMENDED)
- Literacy resources from ReadWriteThink (RECOMMENDED)
- Bosque de la Fantasía 
- Virtual Spanish Grammar Website with printables


- National Education Association Interactive website with free printables (
Adaptive Curriculum Curriculum (for middle & high school)
- Math Mammoth in Spanish
- MEP FREE. Created for schools in Chile. (RECOMMENDED)


- Paso Partners Free lesson plans (REVIEW)

- Curiosikid Interactive website (REVIEW)
Dosel en las nubes Interactive website with lesson plans (REVIEW of English site)
- En Español Illinois University Website
CIENCIAS: Un Vistazo Mas A Fondo: Spanish Science- Adaptive Curriculum (for middle & high school)
- Libro de los animales (RECOMMENDED)
- Sunflower/Girasol Bilingual Elementary School Science Lessons


- Nourish Interactive


- Santillana


- Website (REVIEW)


- T'CHERs en Español Website
- El Hogar Educador Homeschooling magazine in Spanish

(I will continue to update this list. I have a long list of resources, but I prefer to check each one out before I add it here. So check back!)

Last updated: March 22nd, 2017


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