Monday, March 11, 2013

A Comprehensive List of Spanish Learning Programs

One of the emails that I frequently get is from parents looking for Spanish learning programs. So since my Master List of Spanish Curricula has proven to be so popular, I thought maybe it would be a great idea to have one place listing Spanish learning programs. To make it easy, I'll be adding a button in my sidebar, so you can find this list easily. (But feel free to bookmark it anyway!)

By clicking on the title of the product, you will be taken to the publisher's/company's website where you can purchase it or read more about it.

Because some of the materials have already been reviewed on MommyMaestra, if you click on the word "REVIEW" next to the title, you will be taken to review article so you can read our thoughts about the product.

Items with the word "RECOMMENDED" next to them were submitted/presented at the suggestion of someone else. Some link to reviews.

IF you would like to review a product on MommyMaestra, or submit your product for review, please contact me.  



• Languages4kidz - an immersion program for newborns - 6yo (REVIEW)

• Little Pim - Language acquisition program for newborns - 6yo (REVIEW)

• Kid Start Spanish - Immersion program for kids up to 7yo (REVIEW)

(Through) Elementary

• Risas y Sonrisas - Complete K - 5th Homeschool Spanish curriculum (REVIEW)

• Sonrisas Spanish School - Complete Elementary Curriculum (REVIEW)

                                      - Preschool Curriculum (REVIEW)

• Calico Spanish - Comprehensive K - 5th Curriculum (REVIEW)

• Sube - Complete Spanish curriculum (REVIEW)

• All Bilingual Press Spanish Curriculum - Introductory curriculum for Pre-K thru Kindergarten. Supplemental curriculum for Elementary students. (REVIEW)

• Whistlefritz - Complete Pre-K & Elementary Curriculum (REVIEW)

¡VĂ¡monos! - Complete Elementary Curriculum (REVIEW)

(Through) Middle School

• Spanish for You! - Complete curriculum for 3rd - 8th grade

Conversa Books - Spanish curriculum for K - 8th grade

La Clase Divertida - Complete Spanish curriculum for PreK - 8th grade

• Sing 'n Speak Spanish - Complete K - 8th-grade program (REVIEW)

Online Programs (REVIEW)

• Risas y Sonrisas - New online program (REVIEW)

Sing-A-Lingo - Preschool program (REVIEW)

1 2 3 Teach Me - Free online Spanish Resources

Monarca Language  - PreK to Kindergarten only (REVIEW)

Games for Language - Subscription-based online learning program best suited for teens and adults. (REVIEW)

• Speekee - Online program for ages 4+ (REVIEW)

• Language Tree - 6 month, online learning course


NOYO - for iPad (REVIEW)

• Lingual - for iPad (Launching soon)

Duolingo - for iPad & Android & Windows

Rosetta Stone Kids - for iPad & Android (Review coming)

Endless Spanish - for iPad 

Little Pim - for iPad & Android

• MamaLingua - for iPad & Android (REVIEW)

Last updated on 8/25/2019


  1. Thanks for the post. The All Bilingual Press materials look very interesting! So hard to find something for upper-elementary students.

    1. I'm sorry, Karen. I did respond to this weeks ago, but apparently it didn't go through or I didn't hit publish. You're right. Fun and visually appealing programs for older children are hard to find, which is such a shame given how important it is to keep it fun and interactive.

  2. This is so helpful and comprehensive. Do you have any thoughts on which program is best for pre-k that aren't reading yet. I don't plan to teach reading and writing for a while but my 3 year old is super interested in Spanish, I speak some and I would love a guide that would help me teach her to speak though I don't really care if she learn to read or write it yet. Thanks!

    1. Hi, Erica.

      Little Pim is probably your best bet. It's mostly videos, flash cards, and books that introduce vocabulary. There's no writing aspect, and you read the books to your child.


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