Thursday, April 25, 2013

Free PDFs of Spanish Textbooks for Grades PreK - 6th


MommyMaestra readers are the best. They are supportive, helpful, and always willing to share information to help the other parents who follow along.

I received this email from Jessica Lemley-Carballo a few days ago, and I just want to say to her, muchisimas gracias for sharing this with me and all of the other readers who are out there looking for resources.

I hope some of you find this really beneficial.


Hi Monica,

Recently, I stumbled across Mexican Governments Basic Education Reform page.  I was surprised to see that they offer textbooks for free in PDF version on their website for grades Prek-6.  The textbooks cover all the subjects and are very engaging.  It's truly an amazing resource.  Of course, the website is in Spanish as are the textbooks.

The website is--

Under search enter: Alumno, 2012-2103, Preescolar or Primaria and Grade level.

The download seems to be pretty slow but worth it! There seems to be more in the way of videos and activities that I haven't explored yet.

UPDATE: Apparently the site has been reorganized. Here are new links that may help you:


  1. This is wonderful. I accidentally stumbled on your blog, but will be visiting and will be joining your site through Google Connect. Thank you for all of your resources. I currently homeschool our two oldest children. If you would like to come by our blog sometime it is

  2. The link no longer works, is there another way to get them?

    1. Hi, Tiffany. That's a shame! Here's the link to their main site. I think they've reorganized their pages, so they should still be there somewhere. I'll see if I can find a direct link.

  3. Here's a link that has them:


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