Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The 2012 World Water Day

This Thursday, on March 22nd, the world will be celebrating World Water Day. Each year we take time to focus on the importance of freshwater and promote the responsible management of our freshwater resources. This year's campaign theme is "Water & Food Security."

With 7 BILLION people to feed on this planet, the shortage of freshwater is a world-wide problem. So many people don't know the importance of maintaining freshwater resources. Many don't even know how valuable water is or how we use it for more than just drinking. Take a look at this graphic displaying how much water is need to produce various products that we consume:

Did you know it takes 7000 liters of water to produce ONE steak? ¡Guaca! Or even that it takes 170 liters of water to produce ONE glass of orange juice??

Using our earth's resources wisely is a lesson we all need to teach our children. One of the ways we can do this is with the education materials available on the WWD website. Scroll down and download the games, posters, or other materials they offer for free.

Other excellent materials include these, which I shared last year for World Water Day. Especially take a look at these neat interactive sites on the water cycle: Scholastic's Study Jams and Aprende y diviértete con el agua

And check out these water-themed books while you're at it!


Why Should I Save Water? (Why Should I? Books) by Jen Green and Kyouko Kitazawa


Soy el Agua (Hello Reader) by Jean Marzollo and Judith Moffatt

Océanos y mares (Masas de Agua) and Lagos y estanques (Masas de Agua) by Cassie Mayer

• El Agua/Water: Arriba, Abajo Y En Todos Lados/ Up, Down, and All Around (Ciencia Asombrosa) (Ciencia Asombrosa (Amazing Science)) by Natalie M. Rosinsky (Also available in English)

Con mucho cariño...


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