Tuesday, March 20, 2012

¡Viva la Primavera! Bilingual Calendars {PRINTABLE}

Happy First Day of Spring! Today was just beautiful where I live. We spent a lot of time outside doing a few science experiments, gardening, and playing.

I suddenly realized I hadn't posted my bilingual spring calendars yet, so here you go!

Like the other sets, this calendar pack comes with...

• six calendars (three in English, three in Spanish) of the spring months March, April, and May
• six headers (three in English, three in Spanish) of the same months for use in pocket charts or calendar boards
• two cards listing the months of the year (one in English, one in Spanish)

Spring leaves me so happy and inspired, so be ready for many more printables. But as I mentioned last year, I offer these to MommyMaestra readers first. They are free for you but only for a day or two! After that they will be available in my online store. So be quick and get them while you can...


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