Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yes, Homeschoolers Do Need to Vaccinate Their Children

If you are planning to homeschool your children, or if you have just finished your first year, it is important to know that most states (if not all!) require you to maintain your child's vaccination schedule the same as public schools.

The topic of vaccinations is a really sticky one. People are very passionate on all sides about it. Some vehemently oppose giving their children vaccinations, while others insist on them.

I won't tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do. But here's what I think and what I have done with my children. I don't object to vaccinations. I think they have saved thousands of lives. But I do object to the age at which we vaccinate many of our children. A child's immune system is at a critical stage at the time of birth, and through the first few years of life. They rely heavily on the immunity they receive from their mother's milk to protect them. But many children these days - for whatever reason - are not breastfed. Vaccines are designed to work with your body's immune system to protect it from various diseases. They can't do this if your child's immune system is compromised or still not fully developed enough to handle the drug.

My kids were breastfed for a little more than their first year of life. And I chose to immunize them on an alternate vaccination schedule. While they have received their vaccinations, we chose to delay the timing in which they received them. This worked best for our family because my children still received the medical benefits of vaccinations, and I as a parent received the peace of mind knowing that their little immune systems were functioning properly so that the vaccinations could be most effective.

UPDATE: After a comment on the MM FB page, I did more digging and found that every state except Mississippi and West Virginia offer exemptions. You can read more about it in this HSLDA article.
If you are a parent, you should do your research and make an informed decision. Do what you think is right. Remember that no one cares more for your child than you do.

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