Friday, July 22, 2011

This Week's Target Finds

Yesterday I went through our homeschooling and art cabinets trying desperately to create some order in our lives and prepare for the beginning of school. I've assigned each child their own shelf, which will contain their art bins, pencil boxes, their dry-erase boards, and a few workbooks.

Have I mentioned that this is my favorite time of year to go through the dollar section at Target? It is a teacher's paradise! I keep finding super deals that I can use in school. Take a look at my Target finds from Monday:

I was super happy with the alphabet bingo. I prefer to use hands-on activities because they learn so much faster that way. They also have math bingo and time bingo.

And aren't the mini dry-erasers adorable? I'm planning to give each of my children one dry erase board and eraser as part of their "first day of school" gifts.

The notebooks were actually only $.40 - can you believe it?!? I've decided I didn't buy enough of them. So I'm going back to get an armful soon. I can never have too many notebooks!!

Con mucho cariƱo...


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