Monday, July 11, 2011

Bargain Finds at Target

Have I mentioned that I love the Target dollar section this time of year? I picked up the above items for roughly a dollar each, with the exception of the glues, which cost .20 cents each. The best finds for me, were the dry-erase writing boards. They are, in my opinion, an essential product for homeschooling families of K-3rd because you will use them daily. They also allow you to save on money and cut down on the amount of paper you use.

Most of the other items are for an idea that a friend of mine gave me a couple of years ago. During the school year, I keep a "School Shop." It is my reward center. During the week, my kids can earn school "money." They can then use it to "buy" things out of the shop. I try to keep the products educational or school related in some way - NO candy. But things like erasers, pencils, notepads, mini-clipboards, puzzles, stamps, books, crayons, mini-markers, etc., are in high demand. So I keep my eyes open throughout the year when I visit Target, Michaels, or other stores.

This not only rewards the kids for hard work, but it also teaches them about couting money, how prices work, and saving.

How do you reward your children?


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