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Flamenco Lesson Plans, Activities, and More

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I love flamenco. Okay. I said it. When I lived in Spain for a short while, I took classes. I hear the Gypsy Kings and immediately my body starts twitching and moving on its own. And I want my kids to feel the same way. So here are some of the resources I have found on flamenco. And one of the best is George Ancona’s book, ¡Olé! Flamenco. It is a great basis for any lessons on this subject.

I’ll be sure to add more to this page as I discover new resources. And if you find some, por favor, share it with us!

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Flamenco Lesson Plans & Articles:

Flamenco and its Origins – this lesson is suitable for all grades, though I find that it is probably best suited for middle schoolers.

• Flamenco - A Cross-Cultural Art Form - excellent lesson plan from Global Oneness Project (9 - 12th)

Spanish Nights – A great little article from The New Yorker!

• Flamenco’s Foreign Saviors - interesting article from the New York Times


Flamenco Fan – this craft doesn't have good directions, but it looks pretty simple and straightforward.  

• And if you are looking for more decorative ones that are still relatively cheap, you can find many on Amazon (aff link).

Make Homemade Castanets – simple yet perfectly effective!

• Or you can buy some simple wooden ones for kids on Amazon (aff link).

• Fun Family Crafts has several tutorials for making guitar crafts.

• Super Coloring has quite a few flamenco coloring pages.

• This site is no longer available, but I absolutely love these flamenco dancer mini piñatas made from toilet paper tubes. Sharing anyway in case you can figure out how to make them from the picture.


For little counters, Sesame Street has a short and lovely video for counting to nine with flamenco dancers:

Flamenco Guitar Barcelona – excellent guitar playing. Good for discussing culture and music.

John Catalano : Rumba Flamenco in the States Two Talented Young Guitarist – Wow! Inspiring!

• For older students, this episode - Flamenco Gypsy Soul from the BBC is a must-watch. Note: It is approximately 50 minutes long: 

Books about Flamenco:

¡Ole! Flamenco
by George Ancona

by Paulina Chalita-White

by Anna Witte
Also available in Spanish: El fandango de Lola


Are you or your kids in the mood to learn how to dance flamenco, now? Well, check out this online self-paced class from Mr. D Math (don't be fooled by the name). The classes were recorded in Spain and are taught by a professional flamenco dancer.

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