Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekend Links: 1001 Libros Infantiles to Tres Leches Cake

Articles, Books, and Lessons:

1001 libros infantiles que hay que leer antes de crecer :: Paper Blog (Thanks to ORCA for sharing!)

Working at Home & Homeschooling: 7 Life Lessons from a WAHM :: Simple Homeschool

Homeschooling the First Year: Living with (and without) Labels :: The Homeschool Classroom

Funny Bone Reader Give Away! :: The Homeschool Post

Manifestación en apoyo a las familias procesadas por educar en casa en España :: BAJO EL DIENTE DE LEÓN (Show your support!)


Action Pack :: Whip Up (A downloadable mini-magazine for kids ages 7+ who want to do stuff!)

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts :: The Crafty Crow

Mas Arboles :: Reciclando en la Escuela (Great ideas for recycling all those crayon bits!)


Tres Leches Cake, An Easy Recipe :: The Tiki Tiki Blog


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