Monday, March 21, 2016

Mariachi Lesson Plans, Books, Activities, and More

I had so much fun researching this post! Learning about Mariachi music is a wonderful way to explore the Mexican culture. I hope you find some resources below that help you teach your students about this unique art form - from the distinctive costumes they wear to the instruments they play.

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Lesson Plans

Printables & Online Learning Materials

Activities & Crafts


  • Puro Mariachi claims to be the first and largest free Mariachi website. It has an amazing collection of resources including links to Mariachi groups around the world and to Mariachi music. 

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Well, of course, you know I can't put together this post without showing a few videos, especially one of my favorite little charro, Sebastien! Below are three very different Mariachi bands playing in their own unique styles.


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