Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weekend Links: Homeschool Portfolios to Story Dice

There are a lot of great articles floating around out there right now! Be sure to read the first link if you are a homeschooling family...

Homeschool Portfolios :: The Homeschool Classroom (A MUST-READ for homeschool families! Some really valuable information here.)

Identifying Priorities in a Large Family Homeschool :: Simple Homeschool (Great article for large homeschooling families.)

A Layman's Guide To Diagnosing Dyslexia :: Daffodil Lane

15 Día Nuggets: #9 Literacy-focused Craft Ideas for Children and Families :: Bookjoy! (Great ideas for celebrating Día de los niños in April.)

Introducing: Project Simplify :: Simple Mom (Hilarious! I guess I’m not the only one issuing challenges!)

2011 February – March Homeschool SWAP! :: The HSBA Post

Ideas for Feeding Wild Birds :: The Crafty Crow

Spanish Teacher Resources :: Teaching Español

Videos: Adivina la palabra de hoy :: Teaching and Learning Spanish

Project #77: Story Dice :: Bookhou Craft Projects


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