Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Operation Organize It! : Cabinets Under the Kitchen Sink!

Operation Organize It! is floundering here in our home. A very busy month with a two week trip right in the middle has slowed me down a bit in my cleaning madness. But I know that homeschooling moms CAN be clean and organized, just takes a little longer.

But for the record (and because I am still holding myself accountable...), I can happily say that I managed to accomplish my task for last month: to clean out and organize the cabinets under my kitchen sink. Wepa! And the kids managed to relocate all of their toys to the bedrooms upstairs. Yay! Here's a few pics...



My nicely organized pans :)
And the rest of the newly organized cabinet!
I'll admit that although my goal was to clean and organize without spending a lot of money, I did spend un poquito. I bought the shelf liner on sale at Lowe's for $5. And I also bought a set of two upright steel racks ($17 - ouch!) for organizing my cookie sheets and cake pans. They kept spilling everywhere, and I need something to provide support and help keep those babies in order.

Now I am super happy to see that at least one of you, dear readers, is standing up to the challenge and has dedicated herself to creating a cleaner, more organized space for her family, tambien. Kudos to Amanda, who has started small and is happy with her work. She says it only took 10 minutes to organize her food storage area.

And that's the point, no? Sometimes organization and cleanliness is only a matter of making ourselves stop for 10 minutes to rearrange and discard a few things.

¡Bueno! Our challenge for this next month/week is:


The linen closet. The other day I went to change the sheets on my bed and nearly died under an avalanche of sheets spilling from my linen closet. I then proceeded to steam and fume as I tried to find sheets the right size. Now, I know that I am not the only mama who's got old sheets, pillow cases, and quien sabe que in her closet. So I'm off to sort and separate...

FOR THE KIDS (Pobrecitos. They don't know what they're in for...):

Crayon culling and marker sorting. I have millions billions of broken pieces of crayon bits showing up in the strangest places (inside the fridge?). So their mission (whether they choose to accept it or not), is to divide and conquer - and sort and banish.

Con mucho cariƱo...


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