Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Science Magazine for Kids

If you haven't guessed it by now, our family is pretty big on science. So I like to keep my eyes open for science products that I think will appeal to my kids without overwhelming them. Of course, there are a LOT of science-oriented products out there (most of which I would LOVE to get my hands on), and here is one that you might enjoy, as well.

KNOW Magazine is a special science magazine geared towards children ages 6 to 9. It is edited by science writer Adrienne Mason, author of over 20 books for children, and features Diane Swanson, one of Canada’s most accomplished children’s science writers. There are a lot of illustrations to accompany the text and most of the topics are covered on one page or less, which is perfect for young readers. Not too overwhelming, but enough to engage and excite them. 

I downloaded a free sample issue and was pleasantly surprised. There are numerous experiments, games, puzzles, and loads of trivia scattered throughout the magazine. I like how they have a section that reviews books for kids BY the kids themselves. And I also love how there is no outside advertising to be seen. (I only saw one advert in the magazine and it was for the KNOW store, which sells books, tees, and such.) The subject matter is age-appropriate, too - dinosaurs, planets, origami, shapes and patterns, frogs, etc.

So if you are looking for a fun magazine to supplement your child's science and math skills, be sure to check out KNOW. You can download a free sample issue by clicking here.

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