Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hispanic Heritage Month Giveaway: Brain Quest Hispanic America

The other day I was walking through the book section of my favorite store when I spotted the Brain Quest Hispanic America edition of their Question & Answer decks. Now, I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable when it comes to Latino history. And I also love a good game or puzzle. So naturally, I snatched it up casually reached over and placed it in my basket.

On the back of the packet, I noticed it said "It's O.K. to be Smart! Y Chévere También." Ah-ha! Maybe they get it, I thought. So as soon as I made it to the car, I opened it up and started flipping through the questions to see how smart I was. Oops! Okay. So I wasn't quite as chévere as I thought I was. I had just forgotten some stuff. 


Anyway, as I was going through this, I was struck by the diversity of the questions. I mean, there is something for everyone - from novice Spanish speaker to hard-core native, these cards are a delicious mix of easy and hard (or hard and impossible, for those of you who know zilch about Latino history, language, and pop culture!) But, really, it is not geared for young children, so much as it is for people ages 9 to adult. As one of those adults, I had a blast flipping through the decks, and I think most of my friends would, too. But it is a great teaching tool for children learning about the history of Latinos in the Americas.

I have long been a die-hard fan of Brain Quest products, but, once again, I really wish they offered more for Latino families, or for anyone looking to learn in Spanish.


So, to celebrate this small discovery and National Hispanic Heritage Month, I am giving away one of these sets. To enter, all you have to do is correctly answer four of the following twelve Brain Quest questions. I tried to pick ones that were a mix of easy and hard...(Mwuah-ha-ha!)

• For an additional entry, follow MommyMaestra on Facebook. Be sure to leave a separate comment letting me know that you did!

• Anyone able to answer all 12 questions earns the title "Supreme Trivia Master" and will be entered to win a small surprise ;)

The deadline to enter is September 30th, at 11:59 pm EST. The winner will be chosen using and be notified via email. (Please be sure to provide a valid email address with your entry.) The winner must have a valid United States mailing address.

¡Buena suerte!

1.) Who created the series of pictures entitled Los Desastres de la Guerra (The Disasters of War)?

2.) Who was called El Rey, the King of Salsa?

3.) What is the October holiday Día de la Raza called en inglés?

4.) In what country is Lake Titicaca, the world's highest inland sea that ships can cross?

5.) Is an empanada a pie or a dance?

6.) Whose language did La Malinche interpret for the Spanish during the years of conquest?

7.) What long, pointed object was thrown by the first Latina to win an Olympic gold medal?

8.) Does a person called a qisqueyano come from Chile or the Dominican Republic?

9.) Is the word cocopelao Puerto Rican slang for a bald person or a little baby?

10.) The Spanish word for "bear" is the same backward and forward. What is the word?

11.) What great humanitarian was also the first Hispanic to be named to the Baseball Hall of Fame?

12.) In which two months is Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated?

Answers next week!

This giveaway is now closed.

Congratulations to, the winner of the Brain Quest deck!

And un bravo grande to our Supreme Trivia Masters: Monica Young, Lupe, and Anonymous! Lupe, you have won a copy of "Dichos de mi Madre" from Latin Baby. Please contact me within 72 hours to claim it. :)


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